Crunchy, absolutely.
Sweet or tasty? All yours.

Indonesia is in the middle of the "Ring of Fire", which is a row of dozens of volcanoes starting from the northern tip of Sumatra Island, continuing to Java Island, and extending to Mount Tambora which is famous for its violent eruption in 1815. The soil is fertile and rich in minerals from Volcanic eruptions are a gift of nature. It is from this fertile soil that the potatoes we use come from. Nature provides itself to be managed, and provides welfare for humans who are willing to try and manage it properly without destroying it.

With this philosophy in mind, we invite the locals who live close to volcanoes on the island of Java to plant potatoes in lava flow areas in difficult but fertile terrain, this is where the names POTALAVA, Potato and Lava were inspired.


Starting from a common vision and commitment together, PT Prissant Deli Krisp present to always commit to provide quality products with export standard to worldwide. Established since 2012, PT Prissant Deli Krisp has been producing a variety of snack food products, and still continuing to develop its products widely, both self-market and private label by our business partners.

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